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Joe Wainer
Joe WainerUpdated 10 months ago

Save Christmas in this free platformer game

Santa Claus in Trouble is a 3D arcade game developed by CDV Software. Free-to-play, this game will take you back to the Christmas tale. Here, you will play as Santa Claus, who is facing trouble. All the Christmas presents are lost, and he must retrieve them to save Christmas.

Santa Claus in Trouble is a platformer game with ten levels. The premise is set in a wintertime village and comes with a set of four Christmas carols as background music. However, players must note that this is a simple game. Aside from the short gameplay, it lacks some useful features. 

Find all the gifts

Santa Claus in Trouble is a fun jump n' run game. The story starts with Santa Claus losing all the presents just before Christmas. Now, he must find all of them to save the joyous occasion. The problem is, there are presents all over the village. To move around, he must jump from chimney to chimney. You must be careful, though. Santa must not fall or the game will end.

There are ten levels in this Christmas game. At the end of each stage, your collected presents will be your points. Collect as many presents as you can to be the best Santa. However, that is easier said than done. Aside from the danger of the abyss, there are also obstacles blocking Santa's way. You will find trolls, snowmen, moving platforms, and chimney fires. Even birds are a hindrance. While they are fairly simple, they can still pose seriously tough situations when in groups.

Simple yet frustrating

For a freeware game, Santa Claus in Trouble boasts great visuals. Its wintertime village map comes with colorful and smooth graphics. Added to the yuletide feels are the carols playing in the background. Although it is only a set of four songs, and it will loop endlessly as you play. The sound effects are also nice, which includes cawing birds and Santa grunting as he jumps.

Don't be deceived by the simple and fun premise, though. Santa Claus in Trouble can be extremely difficult to finish. Sure, the first half of the game is a walk in the park, but the rest can be devilishly frustrating. Adding to the difficulty is the lack of a save feature. With this, you will start from the beginning every time you quit the game or die.  

Additionally, the camera is constantly bobbing up and down during areas where you have to jump. This makes it disorienting for the players. And as if that is not enough, the developers, for whatever reason, make the camera angle change to overhead whenever you jump. Then it switches again during landing, which makes it a challenge to control Santa's jump and landing.

Still a good game

Bottom line, Santa Claus in Trouble is a fun casual game that you can play to put you in a holiday mood. The game offers simple mechanics and boasts good wintertime visuals and music. Although, some levels can be a bit frustrating. The lack of a save feature also makes you play the same stages, over and over. Nevertheless, it is still a good game to pick up.


  • Simple mechanics
  • Great wintertime visuals
  • Fun Christmas carol background music


  • 10 levels only
  • Lacks save feature
  • The camera view is constantly bobbing up and down

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Santa Claus in Trouble for PC

  • Paid
  • In English
  • V Update-4
  • 4
  • (893)
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